JaegerFLEX 2in1 - FLEXibel E-Kits by ERICH JAEGER

Mar 11, 2016


With the market launch of the new Touran, Volkswagen has introduced a license code to activate the trailer functions for all new vehicles. This will be expand to other Volkswagen Group vehicles in the future.

What does this mean for you as a customer? Basically, you have two alternatives:

1. Manual (local) activation of the control units in the vehicle
The Volkswagen Group has granted the option to manually activate the control units. For this, the manufacturers of over-the-counter testers must first adjust their software. Once this has been done, you can program the control units individually.

Advantages: The following must be noted:
  • Automatic deactivation of the park assist system
  • Rear fog-light switching in trailer operation
  • Activation of trailer stabilization
  • Adjustment of available driver assistance systems to trailer operation (e.g. ACC)
  • Costs may result for activating the electrical wiring harness
  • Not every tester can activate all control units
  • Activation may be reset after an authorized workshop visit
  • Error messages after resetting activation

2. Using the electrical wiring harness without activation
The vehicle does not have to be activated, the trailer lighting and blinker failure indicator are already fully functional.

Advantages: The following must be noted:
  • No costs for activating the electrical wiring harness
  • No looking for a workshop with a functioning tester
  • No activation reset after an authorized workshop visit
  • No error messages if system is not activated
  • The park assist system is deactivated via switch
  • Rear fog-light switching is not activated
  • Trailer stabilization is not activated
  • Available driver assistance systems are not adjusted to trailer operation

The competition currently offers products that require you to choose one of the two variants depending on the supplier.

What does Erich Jaeger have to offer?

In delivery condition, you can use our new JaegerFLEX electrical wiring harnesses without activation. You save the costs for coding the control units and never again have issues with an activation being reset.

Maybe this sounds good to you, but you don’t want to do without driver assistance system adjustment? Remove just one plug connection on the wiring harness and you can activate our electrical wiring harness for the entire scope of functions!

This means for you: 1 E-Kit and 2 Solutions - Your 2in1 Advantag!

With a product from Erich Jaeger, you are absolutely FLEXible and do not have to choose a variant before purchasing. You decide when and if you want to activate the product.

JaegerFLEX- The 2in1 solution by ERICH JAEGER

The following JaegerFLEX E-Kits are available in the product range of ERICH JAEGER (Stand: 13.10.2016):

Download of construction manuals for our JaegerFLEX E-Kits: